Connecting people and organisations through intuitive recruitment and regenerative collaborations.


Teal Collaborative exists to connect people and organisations by initiating and nurturing introductions enabling them to move towards their optimum future and thrive.


The intersecting lines between our personal and professional lives mean that we are a blend of both worlds and each affects the other. Encouraging people to bring their whole selves to work creates more presence, more energy and more engagement.


Teal Collaborative works with Organisations who will take responsibility for the retention and well-being of their people, as well as individuals seeking balance in their life so they can work and live in flow.


Providing a unique approach to recruitment that also looks to improve company culture and staff well-being, ensures the sustainability of the organisation as well as the attraction and retention of exceptional people.

Promoting a positive, flexible, nurturing working environment where everyone has a shared values, fosters quality and productive workplaces and lifestyles.

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