Creative outlets contribute to personal resilience, balance in life and individual impact.

Public Art

'A Living Entity' project was a mural launched by a waste free picnic that sought community input on the theme ‘Detritis’, as set out by the Surf Coast Shire’s Seed Funding Grant program. The mural took inspiration from community engagement sessions and was designed by artists Clare Walton and Wadawurrung traditional owner Billy-Jay O’Toole with creative input from Maxine. The launch picnic included a Welcome to Country, a Clean Up and a Sustainability Discussion with Grassroots Sustainability.

This video interview about the creation of 'A Living Entity' was produced by the Surf Coast Shire.


Identity in Isolation

Pivotal Shifts in Perspective

Walking my own path

Introducing Teal Collaborative

Climactic Podcast Episodes:

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Jackie Matthews — Sustainability, Scrap, and Social Responsibility

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Damien Cole — Part One: "Common Sense Campaigning"

Damien Cole — Part Two: "Passion in Politics"

Maxine Bazeley — "The Recruiter"

Performance, Promotion and Presenting

Maxine performed as DJ Missmax in London from 2006 and back in Melbourne from 2009. She volunteered as a host of the BPM show on community radio station PBS fm from 2011 to 2018.

Maxine co-hosted The New Joneses, an initiative of Tamara Di Mattina in 2018 recording a short vox pop style clip.

Some of the finest activism and healing has been led by musical and artistic movements.