Teal Collaborative seeks to work in true partnership, transparency and collaboration.

People Projects

Exclusive Recruitment

The mutual commitment to working together exclusively enables in depth knowledge of culture and a transparent, more diligent, focused and mindful process. Teal Collaborative look to work with organisations who provide roles that develop the person as well as contribute to the organisation, whose workplace promotes flexible working, living, wellness and sustainability and where a collaborative approach will complement the organisations process.

Evaluation Services

Working with an organisation to manage all or part of their recruitment process from screening, interviewing and referencing to compliment an internal process with an evidence based, tailored solution to evaluate and engage the right people. Stages that can be isolated or combined as a service include, attraction and advertising, applicant screening by phone, selecting applicants for shortlist, behavioural and technical interviews and reference checks and colleague feedback.

Retained Search

Retained assignments work well for key roles that require a specialised search for exceptional people and usually run through 3 stages, agreement on process, provision of shortlist and negotiation and completion of offer. This process can add additional value to an organisation by designing an attraction strategy that suits culture and values and running a tailored campaign designed to increase brand awareness.

People Engagement

Externally managed engagement surveys can uncover and deliver valuable feedback to organisations, teams and their people. Teal Collaborative works to co-design then deliver and manage survey results to collate then discuss d positive changes that could be implemented for improved people wellbeing and organisational evolution.

Contract Recruitment Assignments

Hiring an expert to become part of your organisation and deliver recruitment exclusively for a contract duration is an effective way to move through a large growth period with minimal disruption to operations. With expert skills in end to end recruitment, business partnering and expertise in working with various industries including engineering, construction and FMCG, Teal Collaborative will be flexible to your requirements and complimentary to your existing team.

Placemaking & Community Engagement

Teal Collaborative collaborated on community driven project relating to place with 'A Living Entity' - a public mural tackling 'Detritis', our obsession with single use plastic. We work with conscious creatives and community on socially engaged projects that initiate positive change and confront environmental, social, and existential issues in order to provoke change and provide hope.

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